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Navah Rae Adams has always loved horses and art. Growing up, the two were her focus, and were often intertwined. She loved being a part of pony club, traveling with her horse and competing, enjoyed the occasional foxhunt, and just being at the barn with the horses was always more than enough.

This passion spilled over into her sketching and painting, which were almost always, of horses.  She would do horse portraits for her friends, and won a few art competitions in the horse world for the young rider division.

Spending so much time at the barn with the horses, their personalities and interactions turned into interesting comical images in her imagination, and she would sketch them out for fun.  Everyone enjoyed them, and eventually the funny images turned into longer stories.

To this day, Navah enjoys her horses and creating their art.

Finding a Job for Comet

Finding a Job for Comet